I've written another novel...


It’s called The Monster’s Tale and its for kids really so not sure if it will appeal to anyone reading this blog but I thought I’d mention it anyway. Its self - published on Amazon so the kindle version which is free comes out first! The paperback version for people like me who still buy physical media should be there in a day or two. Most people who self publish probably don’t reach a sixth book because it is a process that involves dedication and enthusiasm. And for most of us it’s something we do as well as a job and whatever family commitments you may have. Also its something  from which very few involved generate much money. Occasionally a self published author breaks through but if you start writing to become rich or famous I’d suggest you’d be better becoming a hang gliding opera singer or something!

Available in print or ebook on Amazon

Unlike my previous five novels this one is unconnected to the ongoing Heart of the World series, instead being a totally different set of characters. Its set in a declining seaside town called Malford Bay and involves aliens, government agents and a glowing golden box. There’s a Pier, a lighthouse and other things you’d associate with the seaside. Its set in November so there’s not much Sun. Its hero is Alfie Speed, a modern day Artful Dodger (that’s why I gave him an Artful Dodger sort of name) who burgles large important houses but not for the reason you think.

I’ve enjoyed writing it amidst the chaos of the last few years coming out of lockdowns and finding that what was left of my social life has by and large ebbed away. Sometimes you can escape into fiction for a while even if you’re writing it yourself. The story is roughly in the present time but a few years back, before the pandemic. Whatever else Covid did it also made life very difficult for writers because you can’t have an adventure in lockdown!

This novel was intended to be a standalone one off but when I got to the end, typically, I started thinking of other potential scenarios in which the group of kids I’ve christened the Malford Bay Misfits could become involved so I re-wrote the ending to suggest a sequel. Whether I actually get round to writing it is another matter. My next planned novel (remembering plans can go wrong) is a book not just for kids but for everyone and set in the Eighties. I may have to grow my lockdown hair again…

Anyway, if you are interested by any chance here's the link to the Kindle edition, the paperback one should be up shortly and I'll pop back and add it on this post.


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