This page is just for random photos I've taken on my phone over the years. There's no theme or anything, they're just pictures I think are worth seeing and I hope you do too! I'll add to them from time to time.

Added September 2022:

"...moments later, the ship was gone..."

Some portals to other dimensions are quite fashionable.

"Steel on the skyline, sky made of glass..." 

Serious Moonlight. August 2022

Liver Building, July 2022

"You'll always be a star.."

Added January 2022: 

New Year's Day sunset 01/01/22

December 2021, early in the morning before the tourists! 

River Mersey Nov 2021

Spring 2021 local park 

Added Oct 2021:

City centre lockdown 2020

Waterfront 2019

Sunset 2016

Speed 2016

A Purple Sky 2016

Skyfire 2016

Tree at Marble Arch 2015

Road Noise 2014

Chandelier at Paddington Station bar 2014

Corridor 2014

Making of Harry Potter 2012

Making of Harry Potter 2012

Rotterdam 2010

Rotterdam 2010

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  1. The photos says you have had UFO contacts ,there is always an feeling you go into an tunnel and in an timless world at timeless timefields ,and that many people have ,I was also in that feelings outside in the woods on sunny hills ,humen must learn our ,' gods visit us by fliying discs space ships and reload in us automatic several world religions , but for this alien beauty women telepatic insects we are ,insect food ?!