Blogmas#3 Classic Victorian style Christmas figures

Some people reckon that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost and that it’s all about commercial things nowadays but that’s an issue that may never be satisfactorily resolved. My less pressing thing today is that one thing which definitely has been lost is a bit of Christmas class. The other day I took a look at the Christmas shop in a well known department store which shares it’s surname with a TV detective, Yes, I was in Taggart’s department store! Seriously though, the latest festive decorations are just too glitzy for words. Covered- no, smothered- in glitter and painted in neon pink some reindeer are the first thing to catch the eye. This seems to set the tone because everything I saw was the sort of thing that is expensive, which people think is classy but is actually not. Sort of like those big golden cherubs you can buy but shouldn’t ever buy. Whatever happened to traditional Victorian style Christmas decorations?

The answer of course is that people think they’re old fashioned but you can still find some in charity or second hand shops and some of them are superb. I’m not claiming that they are genuinely Victorian but they seem to capture the essence of the Christmas that was rather than the commercial tacky one we now inhabit.
We’ve got some at home so I thought I’d show you what I mean. These figures each have a serious amount of detail in them and they capture the essence of the season perfectly....

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