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Occasionally, in a manner that befits the format, I'll waffle for a bit. They used to call them editorials in the old paper days.  I think this is actually what blogs were created for. So, the blog format's been on for a month now and the one thing I didn't quite anticipate is how there needs to be a constant stream of material available, being worked on or being planned. In the `issues` days, I could have a breather of a month or two when nothing needed to be done. As TWU is done in my spare, spare time (ie besides a job and doing other things) it is highly likely that there will be gaps between posts lasting (gasp) weeks. I'll try to anticipate these and put some kind of Interlude thing up.

Also, I'm going to dip into the extensive TWU and Faze archive, as some have suggested, and post some old articles that deserve a new audience. Anyone that would like to advertise their paper zine here is welcome to do so. Also, if you want to write anything please send it to me on Facebook, email or via the Live From Mars email address zine@livefrommars.co.uk

Thanks to everyone who's said kind (or even unkind) things about the new look TWU. It will evolve as time goes on, hopefully to include video stuff (though the chances of me appearing with red hair or something are nil!) and shorter, humorous things. What would be especially nice would be articles about lesser known tv shows, either of current or archive vintage. There is so much said about the big marquee series but it's a shame that some of the amazing, but less well publicised things don't get a look in.

That's all for now, hello to all the lovely people I met at the Fitzroy Tavern last week. See you soon!

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