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If you’re a fan of classic Doctor Who that ran from 1963 to 1989 then check out my other blog Space Time Telegraph. You’ll find reviews and features on various aspects of the series and its fandom. Some of you will know this used to be a wider Doctor Who blog that ran for 3 years till it was stopped at the end of last year. Originally I thought of maybe putting the best posts into a book but there is so much visual material that an online format seems the best way to present it.

I’ve taken out all the posts about modern Doctor Who to turn Space Time Telegraph into a resource for the classic series. I’m not re-activating it on a regular basis so don’t expect new posts regularly but there will be occasional updates as and when I have stuff to put on there. Meanwhile reviews or articles concerning the modern series will be posted here. In terms of new releases of old stuff they will go onto STT so I’ve moved the recent `Macra Terror` review onto there for completism. This change in no way suggests I’ve given up on modern Doctor Who, merely that it’s taken this long for me to work out how best both blogs can work to complement each other. I am now handing the Terranium Core to Mavic Chen. Here you go, Mav. 

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