My new YA Novel - Blue Sky Black

My latest YA novel Blue Sky Black is now available in either print or kindle ebook formats from Amazon. For a reasonable price! The book is the fourth in the Heart of the World series telling the story of Tom Allenby, a boy who can manipulate the elements and lives in a village above where the planet’s elemental energy is stored. He is the caretaker- tasked with saving the Earth from those who would try to use the energy for dark purposes. This novel features strange magnetic disturbances, birds that can fire light, a dangerous environmental  group and an antagonist with an incredible plan for the world. 

Its nine months after the events of The Spectres of Winter and a series of magnetic disturbances that cause metallic items including cars to rise into the air leads Tom on the trail of missing magnetic stones to the village of Marston Hill whose inhabitants are changed by an event fifteen years ago. Meanwhile each of his friends face challenges of their own. Amber’s missing twin sister Jade appears to have returned after eighteen months, Kyle has visitors who are not what they seem and Jake finds himself back in Ravensthorpe Hall where a group of radical environmentalists are hiding out. And sitting beneath a circle of neolithic stones with unusual properties is someone whose plan could wipe out all life on the planet.

Published August 2018- Cover by Mat Yan

More information- www. johnconnorswriter.com

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