Writers Wanted!

This way up and Plaything of Sutekh need You!!
We’re looking for people to volunteer to create a  full size replica Wild West fort out of pasta  contribute to both This way up and the Doctor Who fanzine Plaything of Sutekh.

We can’t pay you anything but we can promise you will feel fulfilled and optimistic about life having contributed to the rich tapestry of written art that (sniip- that’s enough crawling: ed)
Plaything of Sutekh needs four people to review an upcoming Doctor Who episode each.
The episodes are `Asylum of the Daleks` (showing next week!), `A Town Called Mercy`, `Dinosaurs on a Spaceship` and `Power of Three`.
If you are willing to review one of these please contact us now on the Plaything of Sutekh Facebook page (or if you know either of the editor’s private email please contact us directly)
This way up needs someone (or someones) to write reviews of TV, film and events on a regular basis, similar in length to the reviews you see here. They would need to be of recent things on UK / US TV, cinema, online (for example from You Tube) or a play or event you’ve been too.
(No reviews of music gigs, albums, manga, horror or 26 episode long US tv seasons, thanks)
Anyone interested please email hello@livefrommars.co.uk
Thank you. In anticipation of your help here’s a photo of a mountain goat..

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