Top of the Pops 2 May 1985

Reviewed by Chris Arnsby. Richard Skinner: “What a show we've got for you. We've got Chris Rea, New Model Army, U2, Paul as well, and you.” Mike Smith: “And a lot of noisy people as well. Seven new chart entries this week for you. So lots to come tonight, plus this lot, first time since Christmas 1983. Would I tell a lie? Welcome Eurythmics.” [25] Eurythmics: Would I Lie To You? Eurythmics. You know Eurythmics right? Two of them. A dour lady and bloke who always wears sunglasses indoors. Lots of parping synthesisers and attitude. Well this week Eurythmics have been replaced by the pod people. Everyone is smiling. No one is wearing sunglasses. There are about 4000 people on stage. It's hard to get an exact count because the studio's all smokey and atmospheric, and everyone keeps moving around and... what's the word I don't associate with Eurythmics? Dancing... that's it everyone keeps dancing and being all happy.
I'm possibly overstating how much of a change of direction this is for Eurythmics but it comes as a surprise when you compare it to their last single, Sex Crime (1984).

[4] Paul Hardcastle: 19. Speaking of Sex Crime (1984)*, that song did some clever things with Anne Lennox's vocals. Turning the words “sex crime” into something that sounded more like s-s-se-sex cr-cr-cr-cri-crime. You know. Like Paul Hardcastle does with n-n-n-nineteen.  It's arguable that Eurythmics' ground breaking earlier use of a sampler is overlooked because their song also features awful garbage lyrics like “doo doo doo doo-do doo doo doo doo-do doo doo doo doo-do. [robot voice] 1984.” Instead it falls to Paul Hardcastle to release 19, and grab the place in the music history books, and all the glory, and cash, and write-ups in Wikipedia about “use of sampled and processed speech.”
[27] Chris Rea: Stainsby Girl
. Thank God Eurythmics are not on every week. It's a really irritating band name to type. Eurythmics Eurythmics Eyruthmics Eyurythmis. Eurmyithics have succumbed to band-inflation. A costly condition which causes a swelling of the ranks of backing musicians; as seen in previous performances by Phil Collins, Nik Kershaw, and Howard Jones. Chris Rea is not affected. Observe the frugal way he gets his keyboard player to double-duty on the saxophone. Now that's value for money. 

[74] Vikki: Love Is
. Writing about the 28/03/1985 Top of the Pops, I complained the programme was reluctant to look outside of the Top 20. Well, this edition has proved me a liar. We've pin-balled from number 25, up to 4, back down to 27, and now we're diving deep, deep into the chart. Below The Untouchables with Free Yourself [40], below James Brown with Froggy Mix [50], below even Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam With Full Force, and their single I Wonder If I Take You Home [60]. We're still heading down the chart into a hitherto unexplored area, occupied by the unlikely named Kevin Kitchen [63] …(John- Woooah Stop right there. I can’t let a moniker like that pass by. His website tells us that Kev is from Yorkshire and has backed many stars of country music presumably on guitar and not in a betting shop. This no 63 hit was probably `Put My Arms Around You` which the site says made the top 40 and was produced by the then Spandau Ballet production team.) and The Fatback Band [70].

Down in this sunless realm we find Vikki. The United Kingdom's hope for Eurovision 1985. Vikki is singing Love Is, on video. According to the Love Is video, love is; a man who looks slightly like Simon Cowell hiding behind a newspaper because he hasn't been paid enough to appear properly on screen; it's singing straight into the face of a visibly bored waiter in a cocktail bar; it's slinking along the previously mentioned cocktail bar towards the camera, for no obvious reason. Unfortunately there is one thing that Love Is, isn't. It isn't a Eurovision Song Contest winning song.
[8] U2: The Unforgettable Fire.
On video.
[30] New Model Army: No Rest.
Going from [74] to [8] too quickly can cause decompression sickness. Let the nitrogen dissolve safely out of your blood by taking a break and watching New Model Army; “playing live and singing live,” according to Mike Smith.
POP FACT: New Model Army were refused work permits to enter the United States, as the US Immigration Department had said the band's work was of "no artistic merit".
Top 40 Breakers:
[32] Toyah, Don’t Fall In Love (I Said); [29] Godley & Crème, Cry; [22] Curtis Hairston, I Want Your Lovin’ (Just A Little Bit).
Top 10:
[10] David Grant & Jaki Graham, Could It Be I'm Falling In Love; [9] RAH Band, Clouds Across The Moon; [8] U2, The Unforgettable Fire; [7] Simple Minds, Don't You (Forget About Me); [6] Phil Collins, One More Night; [5] Bronski Beat & Marc Almond, I Feel Love; [4] Paul Hardcastle, 19; [3] Tears For Fears, Everybody Wants To Rule The World; [2] USA For Africa , We Are The World.
[1] Phyllis Nelson: Move Closer
. It seems astonishing that by 1985 a record company wouldn't make a video for a number 1 song, but take a bow Carrere Records. This a repeat performance from the 04/04/1985 edition.
[17] Debarge: Rhythm Of The Night
. Audience dancing and credits.


*I feel the need to explain that the “(1984)” is part of the song title and not the year that Sex Crime was released. It's all jolly confusing. If you wanted to include the year Sex Crime (1984) was released you would have to write Sex Crime (1984) (1984), and if you wanted to cite the film 1984,of which the song Sex Crime (1984) makes up part of the soundtrack, you would have to write Sex Crime (1984) (1984) (1984) which is just unmanageable.

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