Hogwarts And All

Harry Potter Studio Tour Scrapbook part 2
You join us about half way through the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden Studios where it’s time to venture outside onto the backlot...

We could have done with the Knight Bus to get us through the heavy, slow traffic from London to the studios!

This is the hotel where I stayed when I was in London. Perhaps.
Butterbeer! Oh yes! Butterbeer tastes like cream soda with ice cream in it. It’s a little sweet and frothy but surprisingly more-ish especially on a warm day. Thankfully there doesn’t seem to be any butter in it. And you can’t get it anywhere else in the UK except here.
 One of the livelier exhibits!

Not one for spiderphobes but the way they have him hanging does rather make it look like he’ll be popping down to eat a few people any time soon. And he is rather big...

Probably the most impressive set of all here is Diagon Alley with its shops and Victorian magic look. It really is like stepping into the films and is just as crowded in real life as described in the books.
This model was used for all those exterior of the school shots where the camera flies around Hogwarts and even though it’s only a scale model it takes up a large room and is what every kid would want to play with, provided they had a house big enough!
There’s a huge shop at the end of the tour and despite not being one for merchandise I couldn’t resist something so bought this Slytherin House tie which as you can see would be totally acceptable to wear on normal occasions. Only people who knew the colours would understand and be wary....

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