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`Ello. thanks for popping onto the bio page where I tell you a bit about me. Ok, here goes...
I was born and live in Liverpool which is in the North but not as far North as Winterfell.
I live about five minutes’ walk from Penny Lane, as celebrated by The Beatles in the song of the same name though really they wrote it about Allerton Road which doesn’t scan as well and not much rhymes with Road. Toad?

I write a series of novels for Young Adults (and any older ones who want to read them) in a series called Heart of the World. There's a separate Page for more info or have a look at my website which has super moving backgrounds on some pages! Its at www.johnconnorswriter.com 
In the past I have edited over 70 issues of print fanzines including the titles Faze and This Way Up; the latter of course evolved into this blog. I work full time and travel there on the legendary 86 bus. If you'd like to offer me a multi million dollar film deal for my books or even a packer of Rolos then you can send me a message using the form at the foot of the right hand column of the home page. My favourite typos are `epsiodes` and `alines. You can find me on Facebook. You can find me on Twitter @JohnConnors100 You can find me in Tesco on Saturday mornings. I once saw a badger. I am not a daily blogger.


Below are some covers for the paper zine: