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Thanks for popping onto the bio page where I tell you a bit about me some of which may not be entirely factual but facts are an illusion right?  

I was born and live in Liverpool about five minutes’ walk from Penny Lane, as celebrated by The Beatles in the song of the same name. I work full time. I am single though not through choice. Some people think I'm posh because I don't speak Scouse, la, and I eat food not scran! I'm not that posh really though I may have a tendency to exclaim "oh my word."

I write novels for Young Adults (and any older ones who want to read them) in a series called Heart of the World. There's a separate Page for more info or have a look at my website which has super moving backgrounds- 

I used to live in a bag owned by The Beatles when they all lived in that house together which they really did. Really.
I like music but I've never written any songs which is odd because although I don't read much I do write books. Weird.
I believe in truth though I lie a lot. 
If you'd like to offer me a multi million dollar film deal for my books or even a packet of Rolos then you can send me a message using the form at the foot of the right hand column of the home page. Or any other means really. Let's face it there are so many channels now they need content and each of my novels would make a great ten episode season.

My favourite typos are `epsiodes` and `alines. 
You can find me on Facebook. 
You can find me on Twitter @JohnConnors100 and on Instagram JohnConnors100.
You can find me in Tesco usually on Saturday mornings.

I once saw a badger.
They're big aren't they? 
It was as big as a horse!! 
Ok a pony. 
Alright, a small pony.
Yeah, a miniature pony.
That someone had painted with a white stripe.
We were in a car so I don't think it neighed but then again what noise do badgers make?
If you go to a formal event see how long it takes for someone to `mistake` the instruction "always wear your badges" with "always wear your badgers" because that is just essentially hilarious.

If you're read down this far, congratulations, because I really don't have anything else to add except perhaps that I'd like to thank everyone who reads this blog because I know blogs are seen as old hat these days what with everybody vlog TikTok Twitch live streaming or whatever its called but I still see the value in a well prepared sentence. Though there aren't too many of those on this particular page.

So thank you for being a friend even though we may never have met.