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Thanks for popping onto the bio page where I tell
you a bit about me
I was born and live in Liverpool.
I live about five minutes’ walk from Penny Lane, as celebrated by The Beatles in the song of the same name. I work full time, am also a part time carer. I write novels for Young Adults (and any older ones who want to read them) in a series called Heart of the World. There's a separate Page for more info or have a look at my website which has super moving backgrounds-   www.johnconnorswriter.com 
In the past I have edited print fanzines including the titles Faze and This Way Up; the latter of course evolved into this blog. 

I believe in truth though I lie a lot. 
If you'd like to offer me a multi million dollar film deal for my books or even a packet of Rolos then you can send me a message using the form at the foot of the right hand column of the home page. 
My favourite typos are `epsiodes` and `alines. 
You can find me on Facebook. 
You can find me on Twitter @JohnConnors100 and on Instagram JohnConnors100.
You can find me in Tesco on Saturday mornings.
I once saw a badger.
They're big aren't they? It was as big as a horse!! 
Ok a pony. Alright, a small pony.
Yeah, a miniature pony.
That someone had painted with a white stripe.