The Best of This Way Up Book

Just a reminder that the Best of This Way Up book Tomorrow Is Now` is still available from Amazon in either digital or print edition. It's got this in it -

Articles, features and episode guides from the archives of the acclaimed fanzine/ blog This Way Up are collected together in a unique volume.
Classic children’s TV: The Ghosts of Motley Hall, Watch with Mother, The Feathered Serpent, Sky, Tom Grattan’s War, Richard Carpenter, Children’s and post Watch with Mother serials
Telefantasy: Strange, Firefly, Invasion Earth, Out of this World, Virtual Murder, 1990s telefantasy
Films: Alien, Handmade Films, Jaws, Duck Soup
TV: Nigel Kneale,  Second Coming, Phillip Saville, The Comic Strip Presents, Lives & Loves of  a She Devil, Adverts
Theatre: War Horse, The Pillowman, RUR

Miscellany: Pluto, La Machine, the end of record shops and many more
Written by Tim Worthington, Sean Alexander, OJ Wake, David Rolinson,
Matt Salusbury, John Connors

This is the rather brilliant cover -

This is the link to buy it -
Tomorrow Is Now- The Best of This Way Up
Click for more to take a look at a couple of covers that didn't get used.

This one was all ready to go but for some reason the finished design would just not conform to Amazon's specs.

Below was another one I found but somehow it didn't work, a bit too dark and unwelcoming I suppose. Not what you want to be if you're hoping people will notice it.

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