Strange phone photos!

People are too busy taking selfies to notice the amazing photo effects their smartphone can generate.  You can take black and white of course and also sepia. There’s the bizarre negative effect which serves no discernible purpose but looks amazing and a couple called warm or cold Vintage. If you like you can posterise or you can solarise. I know, always a dilemma! There are also the Point ones where your photo is basically in black and white except for one colour highlighted whether its red, green or blue.
The resulting images as you can see from below are often striking, disturbing or plain ridiculous especially if you take them at night outdoors where the neon or shop window lights can add an extra something.  As mine is a two year old Samsung Galaxy your phone may have more than these.  Here’s a few I’ve recently created. They’re much more interesting than normal photos.
Looks Like: The sci-fi office of the future. Is Actually: A McDonalds


Looks Like: Speeding past buildings being strafed by exploding zoom bombs.
Actually Is: The view from a bus window when it's raining.

Looks Like: A hazy episode after having way too much to drink.
Actually Is: Traffic

Looks Like: Something materialising in the distance.
Actually Is: Street lights

Looks Like: A ludricous hat
Actually Is: Reflection of a nearby light

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