500 Posts!!

As the banner above might hint, this is the 500th post on the blog since it started which is a moment to eat some cheese and reflect on what I’ve done. When thiswayup moved to blog format in 2011 it was already a bit late in the day but I love printed things so I held off becoming electronic till the last minute. The question then was what to do with it because, clearly, a blog is not the same as a fanzine something it took me a while to get my head around. Slowly the blog has changed into more of a blog rather than a fanzine in a blog format. 

Handily it’s coincided with me having less and less spare time in which to write reviews.
Fact is I’m bored with writing them now so you’ll see that they become more sparing, only about shows or films I really want to write about as opposed to feeling I have to cover a cross section of what’s around or what’s popular. The one thing I have noticed is that blogs don’t generally have a large reader loyalty; the disparity between how many people have read one thing and not another is huge. Some posts have had hundreds and hundreds of views, others less than 20. People just Google stuff and if you’re smart enough with your tags they’ll find this blog as opposed to the 9,452,763 other blogs reviewing Terror of the Zoblins.
I’m also trying to learn not to talk about the blog as `we`. To explain, when you edit a fanzine you tend to say `we` because it suggests glamorous modern offices, an editorial `team` and a professional approach whereas a blog is really just one person. I am lucky enough to have a handful of other writers who contribute from time to time and would like that to happen more but when the post is uncredited you can take it as read that it’s me. Unless I’ve been hacked and it’s really not me. You’d probably notice; I hope that I would.
So I just wanted to take this moment to thank you whether you read all the posts on here (surely nobody does; even I don’t!) or whether you’ve accidentally landed here while searching for packing crates. Welcome one and all.
I’ve got some interesting stuff coming up in 2015. I’m officially excited.
So, don’t go away. Well you can go away if you promise to come back.

What shall I write about next? Waiting for inspiration.

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