New Doctor Who Book!

Saturday Night Monsters is a compilation of fan written articles and reviews about Doctor Who originally published in the fanzines Faze and This Way Up. Covering the whole series from the early days to recent episodes, this 260 page volume is packed with comment, analysis, opinion and flapdoodle about different aspects of the programme.
 Features include: The triumphant 2005 Return ,The 1985-6 Cancellation Crisis,Hartnell’s Historical Stories, The Philip Hinchliffe Era,The stories of Robert Holmes & Robert Sloman, Season 21,The road from Survival to the TV Movies and more… 
Reviews include: Talons of Weng Chiang, The Dalek Masterplan, Spearhead from Space, The Macra Terror, The End of Time, The War Machines, Dalek, Remembrance of the Daleks, Blink, The Tenth Planet,  The Name of the Doctor, Logopolis, Tomb of the Cybermen, School Reunion, Pyramids of Mars, Human Nature / Family of Blood, The Dominators, Day of the Doctor, City of Death, Amy’s Choice, Earthshock, Day of the Daleks, The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon, Carnival of Monsters, Trial of a Time Lord,  The Android Invasion,  Deep Breath,  Castrovalva,  The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances, Death to the Daleks, Horror of Fang Rock,  Vengeance on Varos, Dragonfire, The Three Doctors,  The TV Movie, The Doctor’s Wife,  The Ice Warriors, Heaven Sent, Turn Left, Web of Fear, The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End and many more...
The book is available from Amazon in either print or electronic form. The links below should take you to the very place where you can buy it. 

For more info about the book including excerpts check out the Saturday Night Monsters Book page via the tab at the top of the Time Lines blog.


  1. Great stuff. I've just ordered a copy of the paperback from Amazon.

  2. Thanks! You'll love it more than toast.

  3. Indeed I do. I'm loving both books. The Doctor Who fanzine editors of old should all get in on this act and get the best of all their great old zines immortalised in book format. You're doing a fantastic job, but don't stop there! I reckon you have a few more books in you yet. I know you're concentrating on This Way Up and Faze, but you also did a few other zines - Top, Club Tropicana, Burning the Ground and probably a few others I've forgotten. Lots of good stuff there.

    I hope all the other zine editors also get in on the act. I'd love to see Richard Farrell do the same for Andersonic and Plaything of Sutekh. There are SO many classic zines out there that really deserve to and SHOULD be resurrected and preserved in book form, and brought to the attention of new generations of Doctor Who fans. You're doing it. I see other blog and zine editors doing it (Tat Wood, Phil Sandifer, Lance Parkin and others). So I reckon that the time is right to get the likes of Queen Bat, Antoinine Killer, Cygnus Alpha, Purple Haze, Brave New World, Land of Fiction, Skaro resuscitated in book form for all Doctor Who fans, both oldies and young'uns. My ultimate would be a complete omnibus of Circus in book form. I loved that zine.

  4. Later issues of Circus were almost books!