Plaything of Sutekh Issue 4

Issue 4 of the Doctor Who fanzine 'Plaything of Sutekh' is now in print.
The new issue features articles on:-

Pacifism in Doctor Who - a look at how The Daleks and The Dominators gave turning the other cheek the thumbs down.
The Ark vs The Ark in Space - David Rolinson looks at the similarities between these two stories.
RTD & Religion - Sean Alexander examines a key aspect of the series under Russell T's tenure.
E-Space - Jez Strickley spies a dystopian slant in this Season 18 trilogy.
Secret Who - we look at two underrated stories The Claws of Axos and The Time Monster
Changing Times - a look back at Peter Capaldi's first season.
Doc Top Ten - one writer looks at his favourite Who comic strips.
Gateway Drug - Stephen Wood confesses how it all started with him and Who…

Issue 4 is 36 pages, fully illustrated with colour covers.

To order, please send a Paypal payment to playthingofsutekh@mail.com - with your address in the 'notes' section. You can also pay by cheque, please email for the payee details.
Plaything of Sutekh is a non-profit publication.

Price £2.20 - please add postage as below

    * UK: postage included
    * Elsewhere in Europe: add £1.55 for 1 issue or £3.00 for 2 or 3 issues.
    * Outside Europe: add £3.20 for up to 3 issues.

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