Panic Moon December 2013 Issue

The December 2013 issue is of Panic Moon is out now and is the biggest and best issue yet.
We welcome Peter Capaldi’s casting, review The Day of the Doctor, An Adventure in Space and Time, all series seven’s episodes,prequels and ‘minisodes’, plus missing-no-more stories The Web of Fear and The Enemy of the World. We also consider race in Doctor Who, look at the latest redesigns of the Cybermen, Ice Warriors and the TARDIS console, pay a heartfelt tribute to Dalek designer Ray Cusick and revisit An Unearthly Child from three different perspectives.
This issue’s writers include Toby Hadoke and other insightful scribes. The issue is lavishly illustrated with beautiful original artwork. The issue comprises 44 monochrome pages in Panic Moon’s distinctive A6 ‘pocket sized’ format. Just right for reading on the bus (or in the
It costs just £1.50 in the UK including postage. For those outside the UK, it’s £3.00.
More information at the website: http://www.tinyurl.com/pmzine
To order, please make payment using paypal to panicmoonfanzine@googlemail.com. Please use the ‘gift’ or ‘personal payment owed’ option as this minimises the fees – Panic Moon is an amateur non-profit making concern so this helps us keep our losses to
a minimum. Don’t forget to add your postal address (including country if not UK) in the notes section. If you don’t want to use the use the ‘gift’ or ‘personal payment owed’ option, please add 26p (for UK orders) or 32p for orders outside the UK to help offset the fees.
Cheque payment also acceptable for UK orders: enquire by email for address.

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