The next Doctor Who is....?

There’s a time travelling vacancy…

Well, well, well here we are again. It hardly seems any time since we were speculating as to who would take over from David Tennant as the Doctor and pondering how odd (and young) Matt Smith seemed on his first media appearance. This time around, the field is wide open due to several factors some of which may well be hoaxes to keep the story running. There’s the idea that the Doctor will be female (haven’t we heard that before??) or that we will have the first non white Doctor, something which does seem more plausible. Some say Steven Moffat will go with his original instinct and cast older hence the name of Ben Daniels and even John Hurt have been bandied about. Many agree that Ben Whishaw would be perfect; he does after all seem like the result of a temporal collision between Matt Smith and David Tennant. 

However, all of this rather overlooks more important considerations such as the commitment needed (any candidate is likely to be asked to sign a 3 year contract), the physicality and stamina required (which seemed to exhaust tough old Christopher Eccleston after all) and the media intrusion into every aspect of their life. Plus, let’s not forget the BBC is cash strapped so a big name is simply going to be too expensive. And isn’t is always better when someone we don’t know so well is cast meaning a minimum of preconceptions. So while the media is currently touting those named above plus Rory Kinnear (who just isn’t loveable enough is he?) and even Sean Pertwee (?!!) these are the sort of people who seem more probable / suitable / good candidates. Place your bets now…

Who could be the next Doctor (in no particular order)

Damian Malony - Being Human
Chiwetel Ejiofor -The Shadow Line
Harry Lloyd - Game of Thrones

Daniel Rigby- Black Mirror

Lee Ingleby - Inspector George Gently
Luke Allen Gale- Monroe
David Dawson- Road to Coronation Street
Jonathan Bailey - Leonardo


  1. Ben Wishaw is about the only plausible - not to mention believable - name mentioned. They did have a chance to go non-caucasian back in 2009 when Chiewetl Ejifor had the bookies suspending betting after a rush of money before Smith was cast. Also Patterson Joseph was in the frame. But I doubt it will happen. The BBC wouldn't want to risk re-casting a white actor for a black one in such a high-profile programme. Though, bizarrely, Denzel Washington is playing Robert McCall in the Hollywood version of The Equalizer. But then the film franchise of Charlie's Angels had a black Bosley. A black film Doctor could happen, but not on prime-time TV. And not in the UK.

  2. A far more sensible selection than the names bandied about by the mainstream media.