Plaything of Sutekh- the Doctor Who fanzine: Issue 2

Issue 2 of the acclaimed fanzine `Plaything of Sutekh` is available now featuring
Season Eighteen- When Doctor Who grew up?
Warrior’s Gate – One of the series’ most unusual stories is examined by David Rolinson.
Goodbye to Amy + Rory - The first five episodes of the latest season reviewed includes Q + A with  director Saul
TARDIS Radio – Oliver Wake on the un-transmitted 1960’s radio pilot starring Peter Cushing.
Strip for the Doctor – Richard Farrell looks at the `TV Action` and `Countdown` Doctor Who comic strips.
Plus: `Death to the Daleks` , `The Happiness Patrol`, `The Ambassadors of Death`, `The Greatest Show in the Galaxy`, `Dragonfire`
Illustrated throughout with stunning new art by Richard Farrell and Euan Mactavish
For details on how to get your copy go to www.playthingofsutekh.blogspot.co.uk
We think you’ll find it good!

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