Doctor Who blog is back!

I’m pleased to say that my specialist Doctor Who blog  - now called Space Time Telegraph-  is back online and can be found here www.spacetimetelegraph.blogspot.co.uk . I’ve been undecided for a while whether to keep a separate one or not (which is why it kept appearing and disappearing like a Tardis) and in the end it seems to make more sense to do so. It won’t be updated anywhere near as much as this blog but there’s plenty of stuff already there. This includes reviews of Peter Capaldi’s final series, look backs at some of the great 70s and 80s books about the programme, accounts of conventions across the 1980s and 90s, full season 14 reviews including clips from fan reviews at the time as well as commentary on developments such as the speculation over the next Doctor and Jodie Whitaker’s subsequent casting. Plus, as they always say, lots more. So if you like or love Doctor Who then please check it out and watch out for the latest posts in the Places to Visit box below. 
Renowned Universal vlogger Styreisnotonfire tells his followers Space Time Telegraph is back!

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